About Us!

Welcome to Wild Summer Designs!

What do I do?
Here you'll find high quality, hand made planner stickers that are perfect for every planning style! When browsing through the site, you'll find that I have several different options when it comes to paper types, as well as sticker types.

Who am I?
    Wild Summer Designs is owned by me, Kristen! I'm what I like to consider a "frustrated former art major." For as long as I can remember, I've been creating and crafting all different types of hand made items. When I stumbled into the planner community in 2015, I knew almost instantly that this was something I would fall in love with. I started out making stickers purely for myself (stickers were expensive and I was a broke college student working a part time job just to pay for gas to drive to and from school, *sigh*).
    In October of 2015, with a mix of encouragement and doubt from those closest to me, I decided to start my Etsy shop. After nearly a year of juggling school, work and my growing shop, I'm now running my small business full time. I feel like I've finally found something that makes me genuinely happy. In October of 2016, a full year after I started my Etsy shop, I decided to venture out into the cyber-world and launch my own website. One that I could completely customize and use to give my customers a closer look into who I really am. Deciding to take that step out of my Etsy comfort zone was definitely a scary one, but I have some of the most amazing supporters in my friends and my customers.
    I hope you love my new little cyber-home, and that you'll want to visit again soon!